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House Call Doctor Katowice, Silesia Region

House Call Doctor Katowice, Silesia Region

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House call doctor Katowice

Looking for a house call doctor in Katowice? Look no further. Our doctor can see both children and adults, offering pediatric visits starting from the first year of life. We review our patients' medical histories and perform physical exams during our visits. Our doctor can also issue prescriptions and ZUS ZLA medical certificates as needed. Additionally, we offer rapid testing services for COVID-19, RSV, Influenza A and B, and Streptococcus A. We also provide catheterization services upon request. Our house call doctor service is available for a cost of 349 PLN. Contact us today to book your appointment.

Mobile: 720 70 60 70


We offer a home visit from a doctor.

In which cases can we help?

  • In infections,
  • In pain,
  • In modifying the treatment of diabetes,
  • In modifying the treatment of hypertension,
  • In the case of the need for catheterization.

What can we do for you at home?

  • General medical examination
  • Blood pressure and pulse measurement
  • Blood glucose measurement
  • Rapid tests for influenza, RSV, and COVID-19
  • Otoscope examination
  • Oxygen saturation measurement

What can we and cannot do?

We can:

  • Prescribe medication for chronic use after presenting appropriate documentation,
  • Issue medical certificates,
  • Issue referrals to hospitals,
  • Issue sick leave certificates.

We cannot:

  • Prescribe psychotropic, sedative, sleeping, or anabolic hormone medications,
  • Prescribe reimbursed prescriptions,
  • Perform any procedures other than catheterization.

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